Spirit-Anointed Living – FREE Video Event
Spirit-Anointed Living – FREE Video Event
“I want to live and walk by the Spirit as Jesus did, but what steps do I take?”
4-in-1 Video Event: Powerful Training on Spirit-Anointed Living
For a very limited time we will be posting all the videos for these e-learning modules:
Watch These 4 Complete Video Series at No Cost June 19-25 (Or $105 on DVD)
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Lives transformed as people embrace Spirit-anointed living

“My mind was blown. This concept is so life-altering.”

I hadn’t gotten halfway through the first chapter of Naturally Supernatural and I was reaching for the wet wipes to clean all the brain matter off the walls after my mind was blown. This concept is so life-altering. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to read it to get it into my spirit.

Immediately, I went into prayer, claiming this as truth. Within seconds, the Holy Spirit was at work, as I was praying in the Spirit, He was ripping out old beliefs and setting up scaffolding to begin to break soil for the new Truth Center that was now taking its place.

That being said, thank you for this book! It will have a very profound effect on my life.”
Nate Cooper

Parenting by Grace is for all Christians who are called to minister and serve in God’s Kingdom

“What an awe-inspiring, uplifting and encouraging word of God: Not only the need to raise up children to love, serve and follow God’s leading, but how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. Has God called you to homeschool your children? Here are words of wisdom, guidance, and understanding to help parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and close friends to understand and support the principles of homeschooling based on God’s word. Read how to(s) for praying and encouraging yourself, your family and your children to live by the Spirit rather than by the law.

This is a book to be read by all Christians who are called to minister and serve in God’s Kingdom, for are we not all children in God’s eyes? Are we not called to be spiritual parents, brothers and sisters? We must all come to God with a child’s faith and grow into His love and grace as a child. What wonderful, easy-to-follow principles that can be applied to our own lives and to all of God’s children, regardless of age or parentage.”

Alice Mickelson
Mark Virkler
Mark Virkler
About the Speaker:
Dr. Mark Virkler has authored more than 50 books in the areas of hearing God’s voice, emotional healing and spiritual growth. He is the founder of Communion With God Ministries and Christian Leadership University, where the voice of God is at the center of every learning experience. Mark has taught on developing intimacy with God and spiritual healing for 40 years on six continents. The message has been translated into 50 languages and he has helped to establish more than 250 church-centered Bible schools around the world.
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