Learn to Partner with Heaven's Angelic Hosts!
Everyday Angels
How to Encounter, Experience, and Engage Angels in Everyday Life
Do you have guardian angels?
Does God want you to know them?
Find out what Scripture reveals and how YOU can interact with the company of Heaven!
“Since reading Everyday Angels I’ve had the exciting experience of seeing angels everywhere I go. Even more exciting than that, I’ve learned to co-labor with them. The proof is in the fruit and I can attest to a greater sense of living in the Spirit and seeing miracles since reading this book.”
Tim Madden, YWAM Crossroads DTS Leader at University of the Nations
Some of the life-changing principles you’ll discover in this training series are…
  • Secrets of the seers and why you don’t need to be one to see your angels.
  • ​Surprising facts about angels that 365 Scripture references reveal. 
  • ​What Jesus taught about Holy Spirit baptism and how it empowers us to see the unseen
  • 15 ways the Bible teaches angels minister to us. 
  • ​God’s design and purpose for angels and why He wants us to partner with them.
  • How to open the eyes of your heart to the supernatural dimension… and MUCH more!
God’s design and purpose for angels
and why He wants us to partner with them
The supernatural activity of angels throughout Scripture
from Genesis to Revelation, and how you can receive this same angelic assistance
The personalities and diversity of angels
that God created as relational beings
Charity Virkler Kayembe
Charity Virkler Kayembe
Founder, GloryWaves.org and Graduate Professor at Christian Leadership University
About the Speaker:
Dr. Charity Kayembe is passionate about the sacred supernatural and making the mystical practical in believers’ everyday lives. She has been featured on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, Cornerstone TV, Charisma Magazine and The Elijah List. Charity has a Doctorate in Biblical Studies and writes about the unfolding adventure that is walking by the Spirit on her blog at GloryWaves.org. Her international outreach has taken her to all corners of the globe, traveling to over 60 nations on six continents. She and her husband live in upstate New York.
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